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South Carolina flea markets

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Pops Flea & Farmers Market. I-20, Exit 22. Hours 8am-6pm. Ample parking. Average daily attendance 7,500. Approximately 125 dealers. Antiques, collectibles, new and used merchandise, bric-a-brac, decorator items, crafts. Snack bar, clean restrooms, h/a. Camping available. Indoor, outside and covered spaces from $5. per day. c/p Ray Cornett, 112 W. Frontage Rd, 29801. (803) 642-0071.


Laurel Bay Flea Market. Route 170. 20 miles from Hilton head. Hours: Dawn to dusk. New and used merchandise, some collectibles, primitives, furniture, produce, crafts. Approx 75 dealers. Space from $5. per table. Restrooms, no food on premises. c/p Katheen McTeer, Box 1653, 29901. (803) 521-9794.


Anderson Jockey Lot and Farmers Market. Highway 29. 10 miles from Anderson. Between Greenville and Anderson. Hours Saturday 7am-6pm. Sunday 9am-6pm. Ample parking. Indoor/outdoor market with some covered spaces. Average weekend attendance of 30-40,000. Approximately 2,000 dealers. Little bit of everything here. Lots of nice items at bargain prices. This market has many professional dealers with great booths. This is a classic wide-open Southern market. A great place to shop or sell. A market that in many ways, makes one long for times gone by. Restaurant, snack bar, restrooms, h/a. Camping nearby. Space from $6 per day. c/p Manager, 4530 Hwy 29 N. 29627. (864) 224-2027 or 224-2279. Fax: (864) 231-6927.


Low Country Flea Market & Collectibles Show. Municipal Auditorium. 77 Calhoun Street. Hours 9am-6pm. Admission charge $2. Ample paid parking. Indoor event with approximately 75 dealers. Lots of quality antiques including furniture and collectible items in many fields. For shopkeepers and vendors, this is a great source market; very attractive pricing. Snack bar, restrooms, h/a. Space from $85. c/p Nelson Garrett, 605 Johnnie Dodds Blvd, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464. (843) 849-1949 or 577-7400. Fax: (843) 849-1949.


The Barnyard Flea Market. 4414 Augusta Road. Highway 1. I-26, Exit 111A or Exit 58, from I-20. Hours 8am-6pm. Ample parking. Indoor/outdoor market with approximately 500 dealers. Lots of "goodies" here. Four large buildings and about 100 dealers outside. New and used merchandise, antiques, collectibles, primitives, advertising items galore, crafts, sporting, hunting, fishing items, jewelry, lots of clothes. This is one of those markets full of treasures waiting to be discovered. Great variety of food, restrooms, h/a, rv park. Space from $10. per day. c/p Barnyard Flea Market, 4414 Augusta Road, 29211. (800) 628-7496 or (803) 957-6570.


Airport Flea Market. Highway 215 and 302. Ample parking. Average daily attendance of 1,500 and approximately 150 dealers. New merchandise, electronics, sportswear, housewares, jewelry, sports merchandise, outdoor items, used merchandise, lots of garage sale bric-a-brac. Antiques, collectibles, lots of new collector lines, crafts, packaged food, produce, pets and pet supplies. Snack bar, restrooms, h/a. Space from $5. Most spaces are covered. (803) 955-9111.


US #1 Flea Market. 3500 Augusta Road. i-26, EXIT 111-a. Exit 58 from I-20. Hours: 8am to 5pm. Freea dm & ample free parking. Inside/outside market. Average daily attendance 10,000. Approximately 350 dealers. This is a wide open marketplace with a little bit of everything. A classic southern market with a great upbeat country atmosphere. Camping available on site. On Wednesday they conduct a wholesale market open to wholesalers/dealers only. Space from $5. to $10 outside. Overnight camping available. c/p Richard Hood, Box 1457, 29071. Dealers call (800) 447-3522. (800) 447-FLEA or (803) 796-9294.


Greenville Flea Market. Fairgrounds. 1300 White Horse Road. I-85, exit 44 North. Hours 5am-5pm. Ample parking. Indoor/outdoor market with approximately 500+ dealers. Wide range of antiques and collectibles. Lots of quality country and primitives. Advertising items, farm items, antique toys. new and used merchandise. Good food, clean restrooms, h/a. Great country market that is a pleasure to be at. Space from $8. per day. c/p Paul Baker, 1300 White Horse Rd 29605. (864) 295-1183.

Greenwood - - FRI, SAT & SUN

Hwy 25 S. Drive In Flea Market

Vendors: 100
Attendance: 1000 to 1500
Days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Open: All Year
Campers: No, Concessions: Yes
Parking Free: Yes, Tax Number needed?: No
License needed?: No, Indoor Booths: No
Outdoor Booths: Yes, Tables Rent: Yes
email: driveinfleamarket@yahoo.com
3109 HWY 25 South Greenwood SC, 296546
Hours open to public and vendors: 6am until
Tables are $6.00 a day $35.00 a month
Place your own building depends on size price varies.

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Coastal Carolina Flea Market. Junction of College Park & Highway 78. I-26, Exit 203. Hours 8am-6pm. Free adm and ample free parking. This market has an average daily attendance of 5,000. Approximately 200 outside and approximately 400 dealers inside. Antiques, collectibles, cards, memorabilia, primitives, farm items, antique toys, many quality dealer booths here. Lots of new merchandise, sportswear, electronics. Great food, restrooms, h/a. Camping available. Indoor and outdoor space available. Space from $10. c/p Michael Masterson, Box 510. 29456. (843) 797-0540. Fax: (843) 797-0541.


The Barn Yard Flea Market. Highway 1. South at Oak Grove. Hours: Dawn to dusk. Ample parking. Indoor/outdoor market with some covered booths. Approx 500 dealers. New and used merchandise, bric-a-brac, country collectibles, collector lines, crafts, produce. Large well stocked commercial market. Some great booths and some great buys here. Snack bar, restrooms, h/a. Space from 45. Per table or $10. per 10x10 outside. c/p Dick Stewart, 4414 August Rd, 29072. (800) 628-7496 or (803) 957-6570.


Myrtle Beach flea Market. Center South Shopping Center. 3820 S. Kings Highway. Hours: 10am to 4pm. Market is often open daily during tourist season. Free adm. Ample parking. Indoor market with approx 250 dealers. New merchandise, souvenirs, gifts, sportswear, jewelry, used merchandise, garage sale items, crafts, produce. Snack bar, restrooms, h/a. c/p Judy Mode, 3820 S. Kings Hwy, 29577. (843) 477-1550.


Big Deals Bazaar and Flea Market. 4761 Highway 501. Six miles west of town. Hours: 10am to 5pm. Seasonal market during winter months only. Often open daily. Free adm & parking. Indoor/outdoor market, approx 100 dealers. Collectibles, new and used merchandise, furniture, garage sale items, crafts, gifts and imports. Snackbar, restrooms, h/a. c/p Jan Watts, 4761 Hwy 501. 29575. (800) 244-3325 or (843) 236-7474.


North Myrtle Beach Flea Market. Intersection Highway 17 North and Highway 9. Hours 9am-5pm. Average daily attendance 8,000. Approximately 250 dealers. A good all around market located in nice resort area. Plenty of varied, well stocked booths. Good food, restrooms, h/a. Just a little over a mile to the beach. Indoor market with space from $10. per day. Camping and electricity available. c/p Jesse Medlock, Box 3467, 29582. (843) 249-4701.


O.D. Flea Market. 523 N. Kings Highway. Kings Highway Plaza. Route 17 North. I-95, Exit Route 301. Ample parking. Indoor market with approximately 100 exhibitors. Antiques, collectibles, vintage clothing, coins, crafts, fine art. New and used merchandise. Lots of sporting goods, especially golf items. Snack bar, restrooms, h/a. General retail auction on Wednesday evenings at 7 pm. Market hosts bingo on the weekends and Mondays. Space from $8. c/p Albert Moyac, 523 N Kings Hwy. 29582. (843) 249-4805.


Springfield Flea Market. Junction of Highway's 3 and 4. One mile east of town. Hours 5am-2pm. Average daily attendance 8,000+. Indoor & outdoor market with approximately 500 dealers. Great selection here, lots of dealers with well stocked booths. New merchandise, sportswear, electronics, housewares, jewelry. Crafts, art. Antiques, primitives, collectibles, many quality, specialty dealers with booths here. Lots of good food on premises, clean restrooms, h/a. Space from $5. outside. Expect a lot of walking to see everything. c/p Henry Cooper, Box 74, 29146. (803) 258-3192.


Shaw Flea Market. Highway 378 East. Across street from Shaw Air Force Base. Hours: 9am to 6pm. Free adm. Ample parking. Average daily attendance 5,000+. Approximately 75 dealers. Antiques, collectibles, coins, cards, crafts, art. New and used merchandise. Snack bar, restrooms, h/a. Outdoor and covered spaces. Space from $7. outside. Food vendors by reservation. c/p Bob Kimber, Shaw Flea Market, highway 378 East, 29154. (803) 494-5500 or 494-2635.


Hudson's Surfside Flea market. 1040 S. Kings Highway. Hours 7am 'til dark. Ample parking. Average daily attendance 7,000. Approximately 250 dealers. New merchandise, souvenirs, sportswear, lots of beach and water items. Used merchandise, bric-a-brac, collectibles, collector lines in all categories, crafts, decorator items, produce. Snack bar, restrooms, h/a and lots of walking. Outdoor market with covered spaces. Space from $10. Camping available. Market located in high tourist area. (843) 238-0372.


Traders Junction. 4265 Highway 11 South. Hours: 7am to 4pm. Free adm & ample free parking. Indoor/outdoor market with approx 100 dealers. Space from $10. per day. Snackbars, restrooms, h/a. Market is located in a very beautiful scenic area. (864) 38-0100.

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