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Kam Super Swap Meet. Kam Drive In. 98-850. Moanalua Road. Hours 5:30am to 1pm. Adm 25 cents per person. Ample paved parking. Also operates on Wednesdays. Outdoor market, with approximately 600 dealers. Wednesday is the market's big day. All types of items sold here including a great selection of Polynesian crafts, collectibles, decorator items, food & produce. This is a very nice, clean market that's lots of fun to attend. Great selection of food, restrooms, h/a. Space from $6. per day, $8. on Wednesday's. c/p c/p Manager, 99-500 Salt Lake Blvd, 96701. (808) 483-5535. Fax: (808) 847-9270.


Flea Market. 1290 Aala Street. Ample parking. New and used merchandise, Polynesian crafts and produce, gifts, souvenirs. Food available, restrooms, ample parking.


Aloha Flea Market. 9500 Salt Lake Blvd. Aloha Stadium parking lot. Adm charge 50 cents per person. Ample paved parking. Adm charge, ample parking. Hours 6-3.

Hawaii's largest market with approximately 500-750 dealers. Sportswear, fishing, diving, boating equipment, decorator items, gifts, souvenirs, imports, crafts, some collectibles. Space starts at $10. per day.

Restrooms, food, h/a. Aloha Swap Meet @ Aloha Stadium, P.O. Box 1000, Aiea, HI 96701. (808)486-6704 Fax: (808)486-0635. Email address: alohaswapmeet@centerplate.com


Kailua Super Swap Meet. Kailua Drive In Theater. Junction Pali Hwy & Quarry Road. Ample parking. New merchandise, housewares, electronics, sportswear, souvenirs, novelties. 2nd hand merchandise, garage sale items Also, native Hawaiian crafts and produce. If that's not enough, you're likely to find: Collectibles, fishing, marine and swimming items. Snack bar, restrooms, h/a.


Kilei Swap Meet. St. Theresa Catholic Church. Ample parking. Lots of secondhand and garage sale items, bric-a-brac abounds, mostly local exhibitors.Shoppers will also find locally made crafts and food items, produce, and occasionally collectibles. Food available, restrooms, h/a. (808) 879-2649.

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