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ANCHORAGE - - Saturday

Downtown Saturday Flea Market. Third & "E' Streets, parking lot, across from the Hilton Hotel. Open Saturday's from memorial Day through Labor Day weekend. hours: 10am to 6 pm. Ample parking, free admissions. Outdoor market, antiques, collectibles, new and used merchandise, produce, locally made arts & crafts. Approx 250 dealers. Space from $25. Reservations required. This is considered the largest market in Alaska. Restrooms, food available. c/p Bill Webb, Box 102440, 99510. (907) 272-5634.

ANCHORAGE - - Wednesday

Downtown Wednesday Flea Market. On Fourth Avenue from "C" to "F" Streets and on "D" and "F" streets. Held from early July through the end of August. Hours 10am to 8pm. Ample parking. Free admission. Outdoor market, antiques, collectibles, new and used merchandise, produce, locally made arts & crafts. Approx 100 dealers. Food available, restrooms. c/p Diana Arthur, Box 102440. 99510. (907) 272-5634.

KENAI - - Monthly

Kenai Flea Market. Downtown. Ample parking. New and used merchandise, lots of second hand and garage sale items. Snack bar, restroom, h/a. (907) 283-7501.

SEWARD - - Thur through Sat

American Legion Flea Market. 402 - 5th Ave. American Legion Building. Hours: 12pm to 4pm. Indoor market. c/p Helen Nelson, 402 - 5th Ave, 99664. (907) 224-5440.

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